Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd

Airport Collection Service

Our Airport Collection Protocols for foreign dignitaries include certain considerations and protocols that are typically followed to ensure safety, smooth coordination and protocol adherence.

Advance Planning and Coordination

Prior to the foreign dignitary’s arrival, we create extensive planning and coordination between the security team. This includes sharing detailed itineraries, flight information and any specific security requirements.

Liaison Officer

We assign a liaison officer who acts as a point of contact between the security team and the host country’s authorities. He has a thorough understanding of the airport’s procedures, protocols and layout to ensure efficient coordination.

Meet and Greet Protocol

Our protocol officers are dedicated to receiving and welcoming the foreign dignitaries upon arrival, escorting them and facilitating a smooth transition to the designated vehicle.

Risk Assessment and Route Planning

We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the airport environment and the designated route to identify potential security threats or vulnerabilities. This helps to determine the appropriate security measures, such as advance route checks, counter-surveillance, and potential alternate routes.

Communication Protocols

We establish a secure and reliable communication system among the security personnel involved in the airport collection to ensure effective coordination and real-time information exchange.

Close Protection and Security Escorts

We assign trained and experienced close protection officers to provide personal security to the foreign dignitaries throughout the airport collection process. These personnel have expertise in executive protection, threat assessment, emergency response, and the ability to adapt to dynamic situations.

Confidentiality and Discretion

We emphasize the importance of maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion throughout the airport collection process by following established security protocols to protect the dignitary’s privacy.