Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd

Company Profile

Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL) is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide both personal and commercial security guards as well as expert security services to organizations in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh by following the law and order of the Government of Bangladesh.


We offer a complete range of security guard services including armed and unarmed security guards, security consulting, security training, and more. We are committed to providing the highest security and customer service possible. Our goal is to keep our clients safe and secure from any internal and external threats by knowing they are protected by the best.

Whether your need is for individual security, large event security or anywhere in between, our security company provides a professional, high-value service like no other company. We have the knowledge and expertise to make clients feel safe by providing top-notch protective services.

Our Security Guards are Subject to a Strict Training Protocol

At Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL) we believe that there is no substitute for a properly trained security guard.

When you choose Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL) to be your security company, you can expect security guards who are among the most highly trained and experienced in this industry. Some companies allow their security guards to take shortcuts to avoid mandatory training, but here at Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL), we subject our security guards to even more training and counseling to make sure that they can deliver the kind of quality security services that our clients have come to expect.

Our management has years of hands-on training and experience dealing with various phases of security services.

Why Allround Security?

Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL) is a well-proven security company providing security guard and security services throughout Bangladesh. We have the capability of instant deployment of security guards and security services, ensuring client's expectations and satisfaction. We have been among the leading security companies in security service and customer satisfaction for being diligent, industrious and keeping consistent action of excellence in our work.

Our management team has exceptional abilities in field experience. Protecting people and property under difficult circumstances, which is a core strength of Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL). Our experience combined with technology-based security systems and an ongoing focus on your needs makes our security company uniquely qualified to protect your way of life. Our goal is not only to reach your objectives, but also to exceed your expectations. We are guided by the highest code of ethical conduct. Because Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL) is an owner-operated security company, the CEO personally oversees the implementation of every security plan.

Creating your ideal security solution is our mandate. Allround Security & Logistic Services Ltd (ASLSL) is well-known for the quality of its risk assessments, corporate security consulting and performance management. Background screening is conducted to guarantee that our security guards and employees are ready and right for each assignment. They are a thinking, educated and well-trained staff, with proven performance and experience, achieving client satisfaction every time. Seasoned supervisors oversee each security officer. Record keeping and evaluations are carefully completed so your protection systems are even more effective in the future. The synergy of top people, cutting-edge technology and ongoing education and training results in a level of professionalism that is respected nationwide. Finding the most cost-efficient security solution for your short- and long-term security issues without sacrificing quality is our priority. Your specific requirements are scrutinized to insure that personal or corporate goals are fulfilled. Cost is a concern, which is why we customize each plan to insure that your new security system completely satisfies your objectives. We have an intimate understanding of the security challenges that area residents and businesses face on a daily basis. Together with our dedication, expertise and experience, that knowledge enables us to provide enhanced security services to both companies and individuals. We serve clients in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh. As part of our commitment to offering you, providing the best security guards and services under any circumstances.