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An introduction to security operations and the principles of physical security, the program gives an overview of security assessments, emphasizing the critical operational analysis process.

Security Personnel Training provides a clear path to success by implementing several measures to ensure safety. Our approach to security personnel training is based on the individual needs of the clients to ensure quality service for ongoing professional development. To maintain security training standards, we keep a record of completed training modules. We have an in-house training facility with our corporate head office. Our training program includes:

Physical Fitness
Patrolling and Surveillance
Understanding Client’s Expectation
Perform Duties and Responsibilities
Learning Behavior and Manner
Concept of Security and Protection
Private Security Relationships
Loyalty to the Institution and Clients
Law Enforcement and Access Control
Fire Fighting, Prevention and Control
Understanding Types of Alarms
Emergency Exit Plan Management
Communication System
Health and Safety Measures
First Aid Instructions
Search Analysis and Application
Parking and Traffic
Crowd Control

Management Training

The Management Training is given to build successful relationships with clients and employees. Our management training programs promote best practices for consistent customer service and employee relations. Security Management Training Program helps with a broad understanding of uniformed security operations.

As a Security Company, we recognize that a core base of security knowledge ensures our Security Guards maintain a high level of proficiency.

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